Saturday, March 6, 2010

Remember the Marvels the Lord has Done!


Look at the Marvels the Lord has done fo' us!

Today I was reading and praying on the readings and this line stood out.

Remember the marvels the Lord has done.

I am not sure why it is but, I know I don't have as much wonder as I should. I think I am so used to hearing things explained away that I forget that THE FACT that it exists, is amazing! The following pictures hopefully will help me explain this.

The Aura Borealis

Scientists tells us that this is just because of Nitrogen Ions regaining an electron and the photons released from that interact with the solar wins that are drawn to Earth because of it's magnetic field due to all the iron in the Earth.

Oh that's it? That not a big deal... Wait a second. Look at what is happening! All these little events and occurrences are happening that we had no idea of and cannot see, but my God, look at the effects! How can you not think that is beautiful! Because so many times if we can explain something then it loses its mystery and attraction. But its ironic that when we find a Mystery we cannot explain, we ignore it and chose not to believe it.

A Newborn Child

I think we sometimes forget, at least I do, that we came from one single cell. Let me say that again with some more emphasis:



Do you know how many cells are in the human body? Don't bother because NO ONE does!

There is no possible way to calculate it. Different Scientist estimate between ten trillion and one hundred trillion cells. Since I am a visual person I will write that out:

10,000,000,000,000 to 100,000,000,000,000

There are more cells ONE human body than scientists estimate are stars in the universe. Woah. AND THAT IS JUST IN ONE PERSON. Now imagine all the atom and sub atomic particles that make up every THING in the universe. Mind boggling... Think about that next time you look in the mirror or see a new born child.


We have a chance to connect with the Divine...

We can speak to Infinity and Eternity...

And by the way, not getting what you want is not a reason to think prayer isn't anything real. That is called selfishness. That is like saying my parents don't love me because they won't buy me a Life-Size Replica of Captain America's Shield; as if the food and support and LIFE they give me is not enough.

You love me don't you? You will buy it for me right?!?!?

We can speak to God and, if we know how to listen to Him, can hear Him speaking back. I am sometimes so blown away by the fact that we can speak to God I just stop thinking; I think that is what is known as awe.

There are things I have done to others that should have ended any possible friendship I could have had with this person and vice versa. But we move on. We grow from it and grow together because of it. We have the ability, which can sometimes seem VERY irrational, to continue loving a person no matter what. I think most people know of stories in their families and their friends where forgiveness should not have been an option but it was and that made all the difference.

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference."
- Robert Frost

What if this was about forgiveness in our life? Even in our own culture and life we say "Take the high road." Forgiveness is that high road.

Remember the marvels the Lord has done for us.

This is a command not a suggestion. It wasn't written as:

Hey it would be nice if you could remember the marvels the Lord has done for you, but if you don't, that is cool too...

What marvels has God done in my own life? It is probably as numerous as the number of cells in my body...

Remember the marvels the Lord has done for you!!!

Pray well!

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