Monday, March 1, 2010

Great and Awesome


Not true, I was born with it.

"Lord, great and awesome God," - Daniel 9:4

I think today is a day for me to do something I don't usually do. Make a list of things I am thankful to God for. Things, or people or events which make me realize how awesome God is.

Here is my list:
1) Bacon
2) Lazy sweat pants
3) Sunsets
4) My brother
5) The Eucharist
6) Confession
7) Pope Benedict's writings
9) Healing
10) Love between friends and families

Our God is an Awesome God! But do we see Him as such or just a big burden? Do we see all of his gifts as blessings and see His love for his in them? Are we at least open to God or at least open to being open to God? Lord open me more and more to You!

Show me your Awesomeness daily!

Pray well!

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