Monday, April 26, 2010

Epic Smallness


Today was an amazing day! The Frassati retreat was amazing, simply amazing. I gave, actually God gave it through me, a presentation on the book "The Wounded Healer" by Henri Nouwen and it was incredible. The conversations and discussions that came out of it were excellent. People testified to Hope in the face of their suffering.

But the best thing about today was going to mass and confession with an amazing priest. I felt I was healed today of something. In talking about my depression this priest told me:

When you feel small it is then
that your prayers are great.

He told me that the prayers of a suffering person who is feeling small are powerful because you try to work through it to pray to God for your intentions.

This amazing insight was brought to you by Fr. Conrad CFR. AMAZING PRIEST!!!! Please pray for him especially as you read this!

No fancy pictures or clever puns but just a simple, unadulterated insight.

Pray well!

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