Sunday, April 25, 2010

Get Up and Make Your Bed!


Here are the readings for today.

"Aeneas, Jesus Christ heals you. Get up and make your bed." - Acts 9:34

"Louis, Jesus Christ heals you. Get up and make your bed." - Today in prayer.

But do I believe that? Do I truly believe in my heart of hearts that the Lord has healed me? What have I been healed of? I still commit the same similiar sins (but that is of my own free will because I don't want to stop doing them yet). My low self-esteem is still there. I still struggle with anger and impatience, I still struggle with impulsivity and lust. I still struggle with despairing and not putting God first in my life. I still struggle with loneliness and intimacy. So what am I healed from?

"There is no balance here. There is a focus."

Why do you act as if I have done nothing for you? The breathe in your lungs is from me. The light in the universe is from me. Your gifts are mine given to you. I did not give them to you blindly but for others. Bring them to me Louis. You have heard it before, "The very soul you just might save might be your own." When you want to let go of the sin I will help you but for now my grace lessens the damage. I have never failed you and show mercy to yourself as I do.

"Louis, Jesus Christ, my Son heals you.
Get up and go make your bed."


Sorry God... I'll get right on that.

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