Monday, February 22, 2010

But, who do YOU say I am?


[This is my journal entry for today not really a blog entry though.]

"He said to them, 'But who do you say I am?'" - Matthew 16:15

I keep reading this passage and this line always sticks out I feel it is the most important question that I can answer. And I don't know why I avoid it? I feel any answer I give is going to be inadequate. And it will be because I could never sum up anyone in a couple of words. I feel like I need to give some big, huge, answer like, "Lord, you are the Alpha and Omega, the Eternal One, the Savior of Mankind, the God-man, The Prince of peace, the King of Kings."

I wonder if the other 11 [disciples] felt the same way. "I gotta say something more so I could be His favorite..." so He could love me more. I think that I have to give a big answer to impress Him so He loves me more or even The Most. He already does. Maybe if I gave a big answer, I would think it would justify His love, not knowing that Him loving me is based not on me but it's because I am His. I think why Peter's answer is so perfect is because its honest. Jesus doesn't want a big answer or an "impressive" Theological Doctrine on who He is. He already knows who He is! He doesn't want the big answer, He just wants the honest one.

I think that is why Peter is the Prince of the Apostles because he was at least honest with the Lord. When he was scared, he was scared. When he was overwhelmed, he was overwhelmed. When he was tired, he slept. When Jesus mentions he must die, Peter, I think out of love, said "NO!" I am pretty sure the others thought the same, Peter just said it.

"But Louis, who do you say that I am?"

Lord I have been thinking about this and I think I have an idea. You are my Joy, you make me happy, I LOVE talking about you to people. You are better than sliced bread and you know how much I love sliced bread. You are the one who I talk to when I am scared, when I am grateful, you guide me through life. You are the guy I wanna be like. I want to have everyone know how awesome you are and how good you have been to me throughout my whole life. You are the one I like to look like a fool for or be dramatic because it makes you smile. You are the one I love Lord.

"Blessed are you Louis for flesh and blood has not revealed this to you but Our Heavenly Father has. Continue to be a great warrior for me."

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