Tuesday, February 23, 2010

To Whom Shall We Go? Archbishop Dolan DUH!!!!


A couple of weeks ago I saw Cardinal Schönborn, and today I got to meet the Archbishop of New York, Archbishop Dolan! He is Awesome!!!! What a great servant of God! Here he is at Theology on Tap in the city. Thanks to my friend Matt for bring the camera! You're awesome!

He is a great speaker and story teller. He was funny and charming this evening for sure!

He talked about St. Peter and the History of the papacy.

Then he shook hands with some of us. I was one of us.

Look how happy he looks. I totally get like a little girl around holy people.
He is showing us his pectoral cross.

We tried take a group shot and he was talking to my awesome friend Danny, in the blue shirt, about his cross.

At attempt number two I was trying to tell him to look at the camera but I am not about to tell an Archbishop what to do! LOL

He then asked Danny if he wanted to switch crosses and put his Pectoral Cross on Danny!!!!

Insane night God is good! He also told this amazing story of St. Peter at his martyrdom:

In 64AD the Roman Emperor, Nero who was one of the cruelest emperors of the all the Caesars, wanted to "clean up" Rome. So he set a fire in the slums of Rome to get rid of the poor people there. Thousands died that night and Nero figured he would blame it on the Christians, kill to birds with one stone. It would get rid of that new religion that is popping up. He put a bounty on the Bishop of Rome, which was St. Peter. St. Peter though he was transformed by Jesus he went back to his old ways... As he was leaving Rome passing through the Ostian Gate, he saw Jesus walking towards Rome. Peter said to Jesus, "My Lord, where are you going?" Or in Latin Quo Vadis? Our Lord answered "I am going to Rome to be crucified again." Peter, upon hearing this, got his courage from the Lord again and went back into Rome.

Archbishop Dolan then said, by the way, there's a great restaurant in Rome named Quo Vadis right on that spot -- you can get the best cannelloni there. Peter was captured and then taken to a little hill called the Vatican hill. There was a circus, an arena there and the great circus of the time was the martyrdom of the Christians. They wanted to execute him and they decided to crucify him like Jesus.

Peter said that he was unworthy to be crucified like Our Lord and demanded to be crucified upside-down. The Archbishop then said this, "I wonder what was thinking as looked out at Rome, seeing the city and everything in it upside down. I think Peter thought of the Lord who turned his life, his world, his values upside-down. He thought of the one who challenged everything he knew and believed. Even then looking at the world upside down, everything seemed more right side up than it had been before."

Caravaggio: Crucifixion of St. Peter

A Reading from the Gospel According to John.

When they had finished breakfast,
Jesus said to Simon Peter, "Simon, son of John, do you love me more than these?"
He said to him, "Yes, Lord, you know that I love you." He said to him, "Feed my lambs."

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