Monday, February 10, 2014

Bring Your Stuff


They scurried about the surrounding country,
and began to bring the sick on mats
to wherever they heard he was.
- Mark 6: 55

One of the themes today is bring something to the Lord. In the First Reading the ark of the covenant is brought to God and in the Second reading the sick are brought to the Lord. If the Lord takes priority in our life then we will bring to him something or someone who is very important. I think about this especially when I go to mass. How am I contributing to the Liturgy or to this Church? Do come expecting to give  or to receive? When I speak to the Lord in prayer do I come with open arms or with a shopping list? I think these are tough questions, but when you want to be transformed by your faith you tend to ask deeper questions.

Our faith is about being transformed by love. It is about the process of bringing something to God and He changes it to become something much greater than can ever be imagined. Some people bring their family members, some bring their dreams, some bring their needs and wants; but you are not some. Those are not bad things to bring but the Lord also wants to change you. If original sin or self-destruction is something that the Lord wants to uproot in our hearts then let him. It is not something selfish but is something beautiful. You are called to the same healing that the sick ones on the mat received. Don't let someone else bring you for the healing, bring yourself! Make your wellness a priority that way you bring even more people to the Lord! Be the person who can help people meet the true God because the true God is someone you know personally. Remember, in our faith, it is not what you know but Who you know.

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