Friday, February 7, 2014

The Decision to Share Life


"But as for the seed that fell on rich soil, they are the one, who when they heard the word, embrace it with generous and good heart, and bear fruit through perseverance."
-Luke 8:15

In the parable of the sower the seed that fell on rich soil was the one that produced the greatest harvest. The conditions had to be just right for this to occur. The sun couldn't be too hot, just enough water, the soil was ready and most importantly, someone had to sow the seed, the Gospel had to be preached. I believe the conditions for this to occur are different for everyone. I do not think this happens when everything is going great. When you are feeling fulfilled, got tons of money, amazing family and friends, growing continually on every level or whatever way we may define happiness. All of that stuff, that is end game stuff. I am talking about that moment that was perfect for growth, for us to really hear the Gospel and to embrace it. To have a generous and good heart is a decision a person makes. It is a heart that has been broken and beat up and has made a conscious decision to still follow God no matter what. During these moments when it would be easier to yell at someone for not doing what we ask, or bad mouthing a person for something they cannot change, or being able to say, I am not going to abuse myself today through unhealthy habits, it is a heart that is generous and good that wins out because it is a heart that knows Love. The heart that perseveres in following the Lord is alive in the person who knows they are loved. Those moments when we are at our worst, we always remember those who treated us the best; those that showed us great love. Those people who come along when the soil of our life is upturned, when we feel we have nothing left, that share their source of life with us and that changes everything. We see everything differently and we remember that moment of kindness. The heart holds onto that moment and says no matter what I will not return evil for good, one of the ultimate signs of a true disciple of Jesus.

Once you embrace the Gospel 
it becomes written in your heart. 
At that point you are sharing your life with everyone, 
sharing who you are with all you meet 
regardless of who they are.

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