Thursday, February 6, 2014

Drop them Bills, Playa!


"He instructed them to take nothing for the journey except a walking stick,
-no food, no snack, no money in the belt
They were however to wear sandals but not a second tunic."
-Mark 6:8-9

He would send his disciples out to two by two to preach to the neighboring towns. This was their checklist as the were taking notes on what to bring. Short list, huh? They would go, preach repentance, healing all who wanted healing and bring people to God. This is a whole new person who left for the journey, a whole new life, a whole new lifestyle. They do not work, they are not amassing a fortune, they are not leaving a legacy for their name, they are not taking care of children, and their life will not be any easier for it. In essence all their goals are different than EVERYONE else. You cannot expect to live a new life with the same old lifestyle.

You cannot expect to live a new life with the same old mentality.

Now I know this is not what everyone is supposed to be doing. This is not something you do for a day or two, then go back to your old life. That is why Jesus would tell people to give EVERYTHING away so you would not be tempted to return to your old ways and negate your growth.

Leaving the house with no money is a terrifying idea for me. Leaving with no cell phone and money is unimaginable at this point in my life. Interestingly enough I was not born with it.

I did not come out of the womb this way nor can I take it with me. I think Jesus is teaching us about re-prioritizing our life and trusting in God. Whether the food is your earplugs, your snack is an Apple Product and your money is your debit card, can I venture out knowing I do not need that? Can I test this theory out by going around the block without my wallet (just an ID) with no money, debit card, phone, headphones? Can I try two blocks?

What is the best thing that could happen?

We live in a world where we ask, what is the worst that could happen, but I am asking you to ask, what is the best thing that could happen. If our initial thought is that nothing good will happen then maybe it is time for a big change. If I do not think I can live my life without these things or I cannot be happy or I might miss something better that comes along because I need to be aware of everything that is happening, then maybe Jesus is right, and we need a readjustment in our life...

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